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    Definitive operations arrangement.
    At LSL we start by planning alongside the client and end with the entire dispatch online digitized and stored in our Secure Site, where the client at any time can view and download all the documentation.

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    Special operations arrangement.
    By focusing on the energy sector, our experience in OIL & GAS and Telecommunications enables us to provide the necessary counseling and care for our clients.
    Our adaptability allows us to sit down with our clients and develop customized solutions as may be required by the industry. We design the total solution; logistics, technology, finance and administration.

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    03TEMPTemporary Customs instrumentation operations

    Temporary operations arrangement.
    This service level must be arranged according to each productive process. LSL develops a file that the client may use in our online secure site, containing the entire history of their temporary imports, as well as a general listing, so that this can be used for tracing and also as a tool to contain updated information prior to a possible verification of destination inspection.

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