• LSL Freight Solutions


    LSL offers its clients Air Transportation to and from any airport on the Globe, for all types of goods.
    In this case, we know that the delivery time is the most important for the customer, so through our business partnerships can provide excellent coverage and efficiency.

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    LSL offers its clients maritime transport services for full containers (FCL) or consolidated shipments (LCL) covering almost all the world´s harbors, and all kinds of goods.
    Our service is available for several types of containers.

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    LSL offers its clients land transportation services for full truckloads (Full Track) and consolidated shipments (LCL) between Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay; in any possible combination. The service is offered for all types of goods and various types of containers and trucks according to each requirement.

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    LSL offers its clients express air transportation for small packages. (Up to 250 kg in packages of no more than 50 kg each per air bill).
    We know that the customer´s need in this case is urgency, so through our business alliances, we are able to provide improved services with our permanent care and knowledge of customs legislation, that ultimately mark the difference.

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