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    LSL offers its customers development solutions and help to find suppliers and products located anywhere around the world.
    We focus on importing European machinery, general merchandise from China and construction material from different countries, such as China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. We have direct contact with several ceramic and porcelain factories, as well as bathroom accessories and boxes among others. Through our purchasing agents located in several cities in the Republic of China, LSL offers its clients the ability to import any product.

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    LSL Trading is a division dedicated to the marketing of agriculture and various other products. This unit´s ultimate goal is the international business development between America and the rest of the world. LSL has a team of international trade professionals, specialized in supply chain management, market research, purchasing and marketing. Our administrative headquarters in Buenos Aires is in constant contact with our agents around the world.

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    03IORImporter and Exporter Services

    Argentine companies face technical and operational difficulties in regards to officiating as an importer or exporter. LSL Group gives its clients the ability to export and import through our companies, which are created and managed for that purpose. Using a simple method, LSL makes an integral budget that covers: Transportation - Customs relating bank transfers - assessments and taxes - import and export services – and local logistics services.
    Additionally LSL also offers IOR services, acting as an Importer of Record, possessing the stock in the country, and being able to send an invoice for the merchandizing of that stock to whoever the client determines.

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